BCG Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer became a really common cancer type these days. They say that BCG Bladder cancer can deal with bladder cancer. This is best to trigger the immune response which may bring the bladder inflammation. This is being done to destroy the cells of the cancer in the bladder. This BCG is being used as a treatment to the earlier stage of bladder cancer. But then, this is mostly being used to avoid the recurrence of the disease. This is the reason why this BCG is being carried out after the surgery first. 

BCG Bladder Cancer                                                 

In other countries, this BCG is used as a vaccine in order to be used as a protection which can be made use against tuberculosis. Once BCG has been used as a treatment for bladder cancer, this will be given coming through the urinary catheter.

Basically, this BCG is being used to treat individuals who are at a not so high risk of bladder cancer. This is again done to make sure that the recurrence of the bladder cancer will not happen. For individuals who cannot undergo cystectomy, this BCG can be used. Typically, this decreases the chance of the person to have cancer. There are side effects related with the use of this. The said side effects include burning pain which can be experienced during urinating. There is also a chance for the person to experience the need of urination more often. What is even worse is that there are instances when patients will experience urinating even just in small amount.

Apart from the latter mentioned, there are also times when patients will experience fatigue, skin rash, join aches and even fever. There will also be times when individuals will undergo nausea, loss of appetite or vomiting. Apart from these abscess, hepatitis, lung tissue inflammation, epididymis, testicles and prostate may also be triggered. Also the side-effects include the contracting of the obstruction of the ureters.

The Signs

For individuals who want to raise awareness, it is crucial for them to know signs of bladder cancer. Among the common signs are urine blood and pain. There are also instances when the patient will feel like urinating without him experiencing results. These are the typical signs. But then, people should not generalize that much. These symptoms can be a sign of other things. They can be signs of a different illness. However, it would be best to consult professionals when it comes to this matter.

People have a common notion that smoking is the main cause of lung cancer. However, professionals had said that smoking is more related to bladder cancer. There are reports showing that almost majority of people with bladder cancer are tobacco smokers. This is the reason why connection has been thought of already. Those who are also exposed to chemicals can be a victim of this disease too. This is the reason why rubber workers, leather workers, bus drivers, machine setters and hair dressers need to make protection in the workplace.